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Microsoft Application Virtualization

What is Microsoft Application Virtualization?

The Microsoft Application Virtualization or the App-V, deals out a simplified application management, a streamlined application operation, and a seamless user experience with SharePoint, Outlook, etc. Microsoft Application Virtualization enables users to boost their productivity, to trim down the cost of application deployment by transferring applications into virtual services, to speed up PC provisioning by making base image footprint much simpler, and to get rid of application conflicts and reboots.

The Microsoft Application Virtualization is presented as a component of the Microsoft Application Virtualization for Terminal Services and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack. Whether users are online or offline, the virtual applications and user settings are fully preserved. The App-V, in cooperation with the Microsoft User State Virtualization (USV), provides users with a reliable access and constant experience to both applications and business data, regardless of their location.

Moreover, service providers make use of App-V to send ISV developed applications to their clients by the use of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Even without resources or operational costs of an on-premise IT infrastructure, an organization can still install rich applications with high reliability and low risk, with the power of App-V and the flexibility of SaaS.

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