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If you are looking for RealPlayer, you have come to the right place. We explain what RealPlayer is and point you to the official download.

What is RealPlayer?

RealPlayer, by RealNetworks, is a multi-platform media player that plays a variety of formats, and since its introduction in 1995 (as the RealAudio Player) it has become one of the leading media player software in the industry, and also one of the first media players that offers audio streaming over the Internet (which by then was still a revolutionary technology). It is important not to categorize RealPlayer as a simple, run of the mill media player, since it has a lot of features bundled into the installation that augments its capabilities beyond that of a regular player.

Aside from its core features of the ability to play video and audio files, of which it does with a wide selection of file formats without the need for additional codecs, it also has what RealNetworks call a Media Browser. This is basically a browser powered by Internet Explorer, enabling the user to browse the Internet while playing a file, built into the app itself. It also includes CD ripping capability, Live Pause for streaming media (a feature that can pause a stream but not the buffering), a RealMusic Store, and a SuperPass, or premium paid access for live and recorded broadcasts.

Download RealPlayer from the developer

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File types supported by RealPlayer

About file types supported by RealPlayer

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Last updated: : January 29, 2022