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VideoLAN VLC media player

What is VideoLAN VLC media player?

The VLC Media Player (abbreviated to VLC, which stands for VideoLAN Client) is highly-portable, free and open-source media player application that is most famous around the world for its light weight and the ability to play a huge number of media files out of the box, without the additional hassle of installing codecs, filters, or addons. Aside from being a media player, the VLC media player is also a streaming media server, meaning it can stream a file currently being played on a network, even on the Internet, and is a fully cross-platform player that can run on various operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BeOS, MorphOS, Solaris, eComStation, and iOS. Alongside this, the VLC Media Player includes capabilities for various compression methods, and can transcode multimedia files.

The interface of the VLC Media Player is simple, but can be extremely customizable with a variety of skins or themes that give a whole new flavor and appearance to the default look. It has a modular design – meaning it can launch multiple instances of a player – and this design enables third-party developers to create plugins by just writing the code for the module itself and not for the entire application.

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