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Opening SPX files

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What is a SPX file?

The .spx file extension belongs to the group of various audio file formats. But what was special about .spx is it was a file format that is free of any patent restrictions since the software it used for running is BSD licensed. SPX was a file extension derived when the user utilizes Speex. An audio file encoded and compressed in Speex will typically have the .spx file suffix on its name.

Speex is primarily used for speech. It is an open source software that is being used in podcasts and discussion audio files. Files with .spx extension are sometimes in .ogg container and can be played with Winamp.

There are lots of speech audio formats, but most of them are proprietary and not to miss, expensive. And in the past, many utilize speech audio files to broadcast previous news and messages and to place speeches on video games. However, because of these formats being proprietary and expensive, few messages are being delivered and a few games can be enhanced with speech audio. To solve this, the Speex project was created. The aim of this project is to allow an application that will provide free format which can be used by many so that communication barrier will be lessened.

Moreover, Speex has various features which other codecs do not possess, allowing a variety of characters in the audio to be in different angles. However, now, the software Speex is obsolete but the .spx files are still used and can be found in Siri voice assistance for iPhone 4S and in many video game character speeches. Speex is now replaced by Opus.

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About File Extension SPX

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