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Opening M2T files

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What is a M2T file?

The .m2t file extension was created as a digital video file format, which is mainly used for DVBs (digital video Broadcasts). More widely known as MPEG-2 transport stream files, these M2T files are also used for broadcasts that are integrated with ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) standards.The M2T file format was developed for satellite broadcasts as well as terrestrial broadcasting applications where bad signal issues are common. The stream synchronization technology and error correcting features that are embedded into these .m2t files help improve the overall quality of .m2t streams. These m2T files usually contain digital motion graphics or animations, audio data, sound clips and effects, 2D and 3D graphics as well as text content for sub titles and so on. The video content stored in these .m2t files has a maximum resolution of 1080i.The digital multimedia content of these .m2t files can be viewed in Windows PCs and Mac OS X computers using the VLC Media Player software from VideoLAN Project Team. There may also be other digital video players that can open these M2T files. There may also be applications that can be used to create and edit the content of these .m2t files, as well as convert these into more standard digital video formats.

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About File Extension M2T

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