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If you are looking for UltraEdit, you have come to the right place. We explain what UltraEdit is and point you to the official download.

What is UltraEdit?

UltraEdit is often used as an effective substitute for Windows notepad which can handle numerous documents at the same time, with prevailing functions including searching/finding/replacing utility, large file handler, flexible spell checker, and more. This UltraEdit text editor is widely used by various ranges of individuals from journalists, researchers, and professional writers, to skilled programmers, web developers, and database managers.

UltraEdit is a product of IDM Computer Solutions which is commonly used as an editor for a range of programming languages such as Pearl, PHP, HTML, Java, and JavaScript. The code structuring and the configurable syntax highlighting of these programming languages are fully supported by UltraEdit. Aside from the usual editing functions like undo, cut, copy and paste, UltraEdit also enables user to translate code types and variables by means of its color-coded editor. UltraEdit is also capable of matching delimiters, wherein users can easily points out the exact location of the opening and closing of parentheses.

Moreover, UltraEdit can hold and manage complicated software-development projects, and can hold files in intemperance of 4GB. The graphical user interface of UltraEdit is easy to learn and navigate, and provides easy access to its essential functions.

Download UltraEdit from the developer

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Download UltraEdit (external link)


File types supported by UltraEdit

About file types supported by UltraEdit

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Last updated: : January 29, 2013