TXT File Type

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What are TXT files and how to open them

Are you having problems opening a TXT file or just wondering what they contain? We explain what these files are used for and show you software that we know can open or otherwise handle your files.

What is a TXT file?

TXT files have multiple uses, and Text files in various encodings is one of them.

Text files in various encodings

Files that contain the .txt file extension are files that store unformatted generic text contents. These files can be created by almost any text editing or word processing application, however, the TXT file format does not support features and functions such as tables, graphics, bolding, or italics.

Text files that are created in the TXT file format are structured as a series of text lines. These files are considered to be universal platform files and can be opened on almost any operating system including mobile devices.

Popular applications that save unformatted text documents with the .txt extension include Notepad and UltraEdit.

How to open TXT files

We have identified 5 TXT openers that are compatible with this specific type of TXT file.

Programs that open Text files in various encodings files

Last updated: March 9, 2022

More file formats using the TXT extension

Through our research of TXT files, we know that the following formats exist. However, we have not yet analyzed them in detail, and we would love to hear from you if you have information about either of them.

Adobe InDesign Printing Instructions Report

Adobe InDesign Tagged Text

Auto3DEM Output Summary

BlackBox StdCoded Archive

Boost text_oarchive Serialized Data

Captions Inc. Subtitles

CPC 600 Subtitles

CS1er Debugger Exported Data

DDP Image Checksums

DemoManiac Text

Dillo Bookmark

DVD Junior Subtitles

Dynamic Publisher Text

E:D Shipyard Ship Loadout

FireFly Menu Definition

G64 Textual Representation Disk Image

Gaussian Cube Volumetric Data

GDSII Stream Format Layout

HotHelp Text

iOS Crash Report

IT8.7/1 Target Descriptor

Macintosh Plain Text

MilkShape 3D Model

Plan-80 Spreadsheet

PSFTools Human-Readable Textual Font Format

QuickTime Text Subtitles

RealCADD Script

Samourai Bitcoin Wallet Auto Backup

SEC EDGAR Document

ST Writer Document

StarWriter for MS-DOS Document

Structured Titles Subtitles

TDI Format Data

Ulead Subtitles

Vortex Tracker II Workspace

Xara Resources Index

Various apps that use files with this extension

These apps are known to open certain types of TXT files. Remember, different programs may use TXT files for different purposes, so you may need to try out a few of them to be able to open your specific file.

OpenOffice.org CalcOpenOffice.org CalcUser submitted
LibreOfficeLibreOfficeUser submitted
LibreOffice WriterLibreOffice WriterUser submitted
AegisubAegisubUser submitted
StarOffice WriterStarOffice WriterUser submitted
Crescent EveCrescent EveUser submitted
eType ApplicationeType ApplicationUser submitted
TableauTableauUser submitted
LibreOffice CalcLibreOffice CalcUser submitted
EditPad LiteEditPad LiteUser submitted