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What is ImageMagick?

ImageMagick is an image editor from ImageMagick Studio LLC that utilizes the command line interface to perform various editing tasks. The software does not provide a Graphical User Interface.

The software is utilized by a number of different programs for photo editing tasks from using a command line parameter. The program provides several Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for various scripting languages, enabling the user to write codes in the programming language that they want. APIs include G2F (Ada 95), MagickWand (C language), ChMagick (C and C++ interpreter for writing scripts across different platforms), Magick (object-oriented C++ interface), and JMagick (object-oriented Java interface). For Perl programming language, there is PerlMagick, and for PHP there is MagickWand PHP and the native PHP-extension MagickWand for PHP.

The software also features ImageMagickObject, which allows the user to convert, modify and create images through a Windows COM+ component, or Windows COM+ compatible language; and MagickNet, which is an API that allows the user to convert, create or edit images from the Windows .NET Framework.

ImageMagick is a free program licensed under Apache 2.0.

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