Opening DCX files

Did your computer fail to open a DCX file? We explain what DCX files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your DCX files.

What is a DCX file?

The .dcx file extension is found in files distinguished as multi-page image files that are commonly in line with .pcx files. These files are primarily produced in line with the usage of the image generation software originally developed by ZSoft. PCX or Picture Exchange is the most common image format that can be created using software made by ZSoft. DCX files are divided from the former file extension, PCX is the base of .dcx files.

Normally, Picture Exchange can support up to 16 colors, a pretty low for an image and it doesn't allow flexibility in color distribution, but as being the first format to be compatible with MS-DOS, .pcx is a pioneer before the introduction of .jpeg. DCX is created to support the missing link with .pcx. When an image file is finished, the colors it can be modified and the header can be with more than 16 colors at a time. The colors will not manifest in prints, but with the help of .dcx, they can be adjusted so that the real colors will show. DCX files are frequently used in faxes and image mails.

Try a universal file viewer

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