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Dragon UnPACKer

If you are looking for Dragon UnPACKer, you have come to the right place. We explain what Dragon UnPACKer is and point you to the official download.

What is Dragon UnPACKer?

Dragon UnPACKer is software developed by Alexandre Devilliers that provides the user with a utility for unpacking or opening game archives. The software functions as a game resource file reader, allowing the user to view textures without having to extract them first. This provides the user with the option to extract selected files only.

The software provides the user with a GUI (Graphical User Interface), which displays contents of the game archive similar to Windows Explorer. Offered to the public as open source software licensed under MPL 1.1 (Mozilla Public License), Dragon UnPACKer downloads are offered in three ways: with setup, without setup, or in the form of an update package.

The first option includes an installer, which provides options to the user on how to install the software, i.e. complete installation, or customized. The second option is provided in a zipped archive. Extracting the files contained within the archive will immediately make the program available. The last option requires the Dragon UnPACKer Package Installer version 3.3.5 (Duppi) and a previous version of the Dragon UnPACKer software.

Download Dragon UnPACKer from the developer

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Download Dragon UnPACKer (external link)


File types supported by Dragon UnPACKer

About file types supported by Dragon UnPACKer

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Last updated: : April 1, 2013