PAK File Type

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What are PAK files and how to open them

Are you having problems opening a PAK file or just wondering what they contain? We explain what these files are used for and show you software that we know can open or otherwise handle your files.

What is a PAK file?

PAK files have multiple uses, and PAK/ARC Compressed Archive is one of them.

PAK/ARC Compressed Archive

These files are very similar to Zip archive files. The PAK file format is used to compress large files or volumes of files into a single archive file. This makes it easier to distribute the files or download the files from the Internet.

For example, if you have fifteen different files that you would like to email to someone, you can send them in a PAK file archive rather than emailing the files as fifteen different attachments.

How to open PAK files

We have identified 2 PAK openers that are compatible with this specific type of PAK file.

Programs that open PAK/ARC Compressed Archive files


Last updated: March 26, 2022

More file formats using the PAK extension

Through our research of PAK files, we know that the following formats exist. However, we have not yet analyzed them in detail, and we would love to hear from you if you have information about either of them.

Artisoft Installation Package

FoxPro Compressed Distribution Archive

HBuilder Language Pack

InstallBuilder Installation Package

PlayStation 3 NPDRM Encrypted Data

Quake Archive

Simutrans Object Package

Sygic GPS Map Data

Various apps that use files with this extension

These apps are known to open certain types of PAK files. Remember, different programs may use PAK files for different purposes, so you may need to try out a few of them to be able to open your specific file.

PowerDeskPowerDeskUser submitted
FilzipFilzipUser submitted
Quick ZipQuick ZipUser submitted
GCFScapeGCFScapeUser submitted
ZipGeniusZipGeniusUser submitted
Free Zip OpenerFree Zip OpenerUser submitted
Aladdin ExpanderAladdin ExpanderUser submitted
My PowerDeskMy PowerDeskUser submitted
ForeSight DXMForeSight DXMUser submitted
AverZipAverZipUser submitted