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If you are looking for WinZip, you have come to the right place. We explain what WinZip is and point you to the official download.

What is WinZip?

WinZip is a file archival and file compression application for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms, developed by WinZip Computing, and is a proprietary software that implemented the first ZIP compressed file format. Although it compresses a number of files into a ZIP file archive, it has support for most other archive file formats a well, and is quite famous for having a 45-day free trial period that does not expire, only presenting users with a nag screen that tells users enjoying the expired version to purchase the full version for additional tools and the removal of the notification. First released in 1991 as shareware for Windows, the Mac OS X version was released only in 2010 and only for Snow Leopard; WinZip Computing has since been acquired by Corel in 2006.

WinZip also supports extensions, or addons, that augment its existing core capabilities; these core capabilities include the generation of and extraction from ZIP file archives, and its ability to integrate into Windows Shell for context menus. WinZip also offers AES key encryption for their archives so file contents can be secured from unauthorized access. Aside from its default and native support for ZIP file formats it can also decompress or extract files from RAR, BZ2, and other file archive formats.

Download WinZip from the developer

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Download WinZip (external link)


File types supported by WinZip

About file types supported by WinZip

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Last updated: : May 9, 2012