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Protel DXP

What is Protel DXP?

Protel DXP is a an electronic design package developed and distributed by Altium with the most recent version called SP4. It is also the enhanced version of the earlier released software called Protel 99SE. The main comparison between the two software is the accelerated workability of Protel DXP.

This software contains a Schematic Editor that lets you edit, modify, tweak the electronic plans being worked on. It also has a PCB editor that allows you to zoom specific areas and help you with your panning needs. The same feature also allows you to perform paneling of PCB. This platform also provides access to the 99SE library which provides all the tolls and documentations necessary in building electronic plans. The library also contains footprints and select-and-act mechanism. Comments and texts can be added directly onto the footprints of the plans. Place Tracks (PT) and Place Lines (PL) are also integrated in this software.

Protel DXP is also compatible with other CAM software such as the CAMstatic which is likewise produced by the same software writing house. This software also runs of Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 2000, Me, XP, and 87

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