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What is QvodPlayer?

QvodPlayer is a type of media player software that allows the user to play music and video files on the computer. It also allows users to stream music or videos from the Internet. The software comes in several versions, each for popular operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Android and iPhone/iPad OS.

The software supports a variety of media file formats, which include the following: .swf, .avi, .wma, .mkv, .wmv, .mp3, .mp4, .vob, .mov, .wav, .rmvb, .mpg and .mid. Also included are the player’s CD and DVD default file formats.

This is free software that can be downloaded from the Internet, directly from the developer’s site or affiliate sites.

The software includes skins that the user can choose from to change the appearance of the player. There is also an integrated search option that enables the user to search for media files stored on the computer or portable device where the software is installed, i.e. iPhone, iPad or Android-based mobile device.

For Firefox Web browser users, there is also an added feature that enables them to encode file names is Chinese characters.

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