VID File Type

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What are VID files and how to open them

Are you having problems opening a VID file or just wondering what they contain? We explain what these files are used for and show you software that we know can open or otherwise handle your files.

What is a VID file?

VID files have multiple uses, and Bethesda Softworks video is one of them.

Bethesda Softworks video

We have not yet analyzed in detail what these files contain and what they are used for. We're working on it.

How to open VID files

We have identified one VID opener that is compatible with this specific type of VID file.

Programs that open Bethesda Softworks video files

Last updated: December 22, 2021

More file formats using the VID extension

Through our research of VID files, we know that the following formats exist. However, we have not yet analyzed them in detail, and we would love to hear from you if you have information about either of them.

Psygnosis Video

SplashID vID

SymbOS VID video

Video Creator CD32 project

Various apps that use files with this extension

These apps are known to open certain types of VID files. Remember, different programs may use VID files for different purposes, so you may need to try out a few of them to be able to open your specific file.

QvodPlayerQvodPlayerUser submitted
VideoViewer ApplicationVideoViewer ApplicationUser submitted
JJVODJJVODUser submitted
V9 playerV9 playerUser submitted
TimetableTimetableUser submitted
SplashID SafeSplashID SafeUser submitted
FvodPlayerFvodPlayerUser submitted
LEDLEDUser submitted
360 Safe Player360 Safe PlayerUser submitted