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Photomania Deluxe

If you are looking for Photomania Deluxe, you have come to the right place. We explain what Photomania Deluxe is and point you to the official download.

What is Photomania Deluxe?

A full-featured image viewer utility which quickly creates high-quality image presentations. Photomania Deluxe features downloading, manipulating, enhancing, viewing, and sharing of digital photos with no hustle. The software supports more than a few image file formats and as much as 50 effects and filters.

To innumerate, Photomania Deluxe reads PNG, BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF, JPEG, JPEG2000, MNG, TIFF, RAS, TGA, GIF, PCD, PSP, PCX, PSD, FAX, SGI, RGB, PNM, PGM, PPM, HIPS, BW, PDD, VST, ICB, VDA, RLA, RPF, CEL, PIC, PCC, SCR, EPS, CUT, IFF, RSB, LBM, ADA, XPM, SCR image formats, and writes PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, MNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, WMF, EMF, PCX, TGA, RAS, ADA, XPM formats. Some basic features integrated with Photomania Deluxe includes crop, colorize, antialias, Old look (Sepia), sharpen, Despeckle, resize, and rotate.

Photomania Deluxe is highly compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems, from Windows 95 to Windows 98, to Windows NT, to Windows Me, to Windows 2000, to Windows XP, up to Windows 2003, with a required at least 1Ghz x86 Processor.

Download Photomania Deluxe from the developer

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Download Photomania Deluxe (external link)


File types supported by Photomania Deluxe

About file types supported by Photomania Deluxe

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Last updated: : January 20, 2013