Opening PIC files

Did your computer fail to open a PIC file? We explain what PIC files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your PIC files.

What is a PIC file?

The .pic file extension is most commonly used by the Lotus 1-2-3 software. The PIC files contain Lotus picture files that are used to represent graphics generated by the software.

The .pic file extension is also used for Autodesk Animator PIC/CEL files, Bio-Rad image files, General picture extension files, Handy Scanner Cameron image files, IBM Storyboard bitmap files, Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT drawing files, Micrografx drawing files, Movie BYU files, MTV & Rayshade image files, PC Paint bitmap files, PICtor image format files, Pixar PIC files, Psion Series 3 image format files, Apple QuickTime picture files, Radiance image files, Rayshade image files and CADdy++ mechanical 2D picture data files.

As you can see from the above, a lot of different products use the .PIC file type, and they all store the data differently in the .PIC files. We recommend that you try Free File Viewer to open the file, as it will open certain PIC files.

Try a universal file viewer

In addition to the products listed above, I would suggest that you try a universal file viewer like Free File Viewer. It can open over 200 different types of files - and very likely yours too! Download Free File Viewer.

By Prof. Jones (The File Expert)

Chief Content Editor and File Expert

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