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HAANSOFT HWP refers to the program Hangul Word Processor (HWP). This is generally offered as part of the Hancom Office Suite, together with other office apps (spreadsheets and presentation).

Developed by South Korean company, Haansoft Corporation, the word processing app renders documents in the HWP format (.hwp file extension). The word processor provides users with layout options, font styles, and document editing tools. HAANSOFT HWP also provides support for Office Open XML and OpenDocument formats.

Originally created in the Korean language, an English version of the word processing application and other apps included in Hancom Office Suite was developed and released as Hancom Office 2010 SE.

Users without the Hangul Word Processing application are able to read HWP files through the Hancom Office Suite 2010 SE Viewer. This is a free utility that can be downloaded from the developer’s website. Users are also allowed to save their documents in MS Office formats including .doc and .docx, plus .xls and .xlsx, and .ppt.

The latest version of the Office Suite is the 2010 version. There is a corresponding version for Windows, Linux (x86 platform), and Mac OS X.

Download directly from the developer

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File types supported by HAANSOFT HWP

Our users primarily use HAANSOFT HWP to open these file types:

Some users also use HAANSOFT HWP to open these file types:

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