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What is SPlayer?

SPlayer or ShooterPlayer is an open-source media player software program that is compact and lightweight. It is only about 6.1 MB in size. This is a no-frills kind of media player, as can be seen in its User Interface.

When the player is launched, none of the control buttons are immediately displayed. The user will only see an “Open File” option right in the middle of the screen. You can access the control buttons when you hover the mouse on the top and bottom part of the screen.

The media player has a playback option, which allows the user to start the movie from where it was stopped. Subtitles are fetched by the media player on the Internet, and displays these if the option is launched.

The media player can recognize any type of video file format, so you can play whatever videos or movies you wanton matter what the format is. Also, you can capture images and videos from any device. If you wish to watch a movie while working on something else on computer, you simply click on the Transparency option and your movie screen will be pinned over other windows that are open. Lastly, the player also features enhancements for audio and video output.

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