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QT Lite

If you are looking for QT Lite, you have come to the right place. We explain what QT Lite is and point you to the official download.

What is QT Lite?

The QuickTime Lite, or the QT Lite is a trimmed down or the lightweight version of QuickTime Alternative (a codec package for Microsoft Windows) that was first introduced on June 28, 2007. QT Lite solely contains the vital components that are required to play QuickTime contents, and does not contain Media Player Classic.

Some common features possessed by QT Lite includes fast and easy installation, ability to create an unattended installation, does not contain unnecessary stuffs, does not provide background processes, holds smaller file size, and provides fixed configuration options. QT Lite supports imbedded MP4/M4a file formats, provides codec to play QuickTime audios and videos, provides ActiveX control and browser plug-in to display QuickTime contents imbedded in web pages, provides plug-in to read and play files with special formats, and contains control panel to configure QuickTime settings.

QT Lite is maintained at the same time as QuickTime Alternative application, and is currently available in diverse versions. QT Lite can be installed in Microsoft Windows platforms and necessitates much smaller system requirements.

Download QT Lite from the developer

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Download QT Lite (external link)


File types supported by QT Lite

About file types supported by QT Lite

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Last updated: : January 20, 2013