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OpenMPT / ModPlug Tracker

What is OpenMPT / ModPlug Tracker?

Developed by Olivier in 1997, Lapicque OpenMPT (formerly known as ModPlug Tracker) is a software used for tracking Windows. OpenMPT is a freeware and also has the capacity to let users generate, play back and customize the sequence of music selections using your computer or any external device attached to it. This software supports any type of format used to create, save, and play music.

It is equipped with features such as ASIO output and a plug-in called VST. It is also capable of supporting DirectX audio. Using the software does not require any installation as it is fully portable. The keyboard layout can also be configured to let the user work more comfortably when using the program. It is also equipped with Fast Tracking key maps as well as Impluse Tracker. It has a range of editing capabilities such as tabbed layouting, the use of two different editor modes and use of multiple document interface.

It is maintained by a development team and is also being further developed using the C++ scripting language and the software is likewise compatible with both Mac and Windows Operating Systems.

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File types supported by OpenMPT / ModPlug Tracker

Our users primarily use OpenMPT / ModPlug Tracker to open these file types:

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