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Subtitle Workshop

What is Subtitle Workshop?

Subtitle Workshop is a freeware mainly used to execute subtitle editing. It is equipped with tools that lets you create, convert, edit, and tweak subtitles. It has advanced functionality allows you to utilize intuitive interface and save time while working on any project. This program can be used by beginners or experts.

Subtitle Workshop has the full functionality of a Reading and Writing Engine. Time- based and frame-based subtitles can be executed using this software. Text are initially loaded in simple formats but can be tweaked once timing has been completed and set. Using the Timing Operations feature can aid the user set the right timing for the subtitle. It has a configurable Output Settings that supports formats such as SubStation Alpha, DVDSubtitle, SubViewer 1 & 2 TMPlayer format, SAMI, and Sonic Scenarist.

The program is a multi-language platform can also be used in 35 different languages. The user may opt to switch from one interface to another to allow ease and convenience of use. Among other useful functions are the capabilities to turn on and off the ‘translate button’ and the possibility of viewing the video with the subtitle using any external device or screen

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File types supported by Subtitle Workshop

Our users primarily use Subtitle Workshop to open these file types:

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