Opening STL files

Did your computer fail to open a STL file? We explain what STL files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your STL files.

What is a STL file?

The .stl (STereoLithography) file extension was developed by Albert-Battaglin Consulting Group for the Standard Tessellation Language, a common CAD stereolithography format for 3D modeling and prototyping. STL files are also used in generating complex models that are popular in 3D printers and generators.

STL file extension is commonly found or used in 3D systems. This file extension that represents the data for making simple CAD models that appear in 3D set up. It changes the surface of the object by integrating tessellation. Tessellation is a tiling of a plane by using one or more geometric shapes, making sure that these shapes don’t overlap and produce no gaps between them. It transforms curves and planes that compose the curve into simple lines.

The CAD models appear in black and white 3D image. STL files usually use triangles in tessellating the object. By tessellating the model, .stl files are able to detect tiny areas in a model that has an imperfect spot before it is used.

Try a universal file viewer

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