STP File - opening and understanding

Did your computer fail to open a STP file? We explain what they are used for and recommend software that we know can open or otherwise handle your .STP files.

What is a STP file?

Files that contain the .stp file extension normally hold 3D assembly files in a 3D product model data exchange format. These files contain three-dimensional object data. STP files can be supported by a variety of different mechanical design programs.

The files that contain the .stp file suffix are normally saved in a text-based ASCII format containing STEP ISO application protocols. These files are often used to exchange 3D data between different CAD systems.

The .stp file format is also by the Adobe Acrobat Exchange software. The Adobe software uses the .stp file extension for Acrobat Exchange plug-ins that allow a user to add additional features to the software application.

How to open STP files

You will need a program compatible with the specific file you are trying to open, as different programs may use files with file extension STP for different purposes.

While we have not verified the apps ourselves yet, our users have suggested 10 different STP openers which you will find listed below.

Suggest another file format using extension STP

While we know of one file format using the .STP file extension, there may be more. It is widespread that different programs use files with the same file extension for very different types of data. Please let us know if you are aware of a different kind of .STP file.

Various viewers for this file format

These apps are known to open certain types of STP files. Remember, different programs may use STP files for different purposes, so you may need to try out a few of them to be able to open your specific file.

Free File ViewerFree File ViewerUser submitted
QuickVerseQuickVerseUser submitted
STP ViewerSTP ViewerUser submitted
SystranTP ModuleSystranTP ModuleUser submitted
Quartus IIQuartus IIUser submitted
MillMillUser submitted
Microsoft Expedia Streets & TripsMicrosoft Expedia Streets & TripsUser submitted
SYSTRAN Translation Project ManagerSYSTRAN Translation Project ManagerUser submitted
RhinocerosRhinocerosUser submitted
Quartus II Web EditionQuartus II Web EditionUser submitted
We have not verified any software that we know for certain will work with STP-files on Mac. If you know one, please use the 'Suggest a program' link below and tell us about it!
We have not verified any web services that we know for certain will work with STP-files. If you know one, please use the 'Suggest a program' link below and tell us about it!