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Stitch Era Era

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What is Stitch Era Era?

The Stitch Era Era Is a product family brand that enables users to create and manage embroidery designs. Some of its products include Stitch ERA Liberty, Stitch ERA Essentials, Stitch ERA Universal and Stitch ERA Lite. Embroidery designs can be created from a scanned image or from scratch allowing users to personalize or merge designs, for different embroidery machine brands & models.

Stitch Era Era features stitch editing, advanced stitch block editing, lettering (true type & pre-digitized fonts), auto-digitizing, advanced digitizing, embroidery machine format output and code conversion. In addition, the program also features graphic file editing, vector files processing, vectorizing, and exportation to graphic files among others. Moreover, it can also integrate smoothly with Hot Fix ERA. Furthermore, the program contains a wide array of synchronized views that show the details of the work under way visually and with a more detailed level.

Stitch Era Era features drag and drop technology to perform simple as well as advance functions such as grouping, sequencing and branching among others. It also features interactive functions for the capture which allow to speed up the process at the same time that the design can be adjusted to the expected result. Designs can be saved on a CD for storage or publish on the web.

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Last updated: : September 24, 2014