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Opening TAP files

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What is a TAP file?

There are plenty of unique file types that iPhone and iPod Touch used. One of them is the .tap file extension. Files with .tap file extension are collective of music files, response counts or tap counts, and the "tap script" that are a constituent of the game Tap Tap Revenge.

Tap Tap Revenge is a game created by Nate True that incorporates various music, beats, and rhythm. A player is required to tap the balls upon reaching the line at the bottom. The balls will keep falling in synchronize manner with the beat of the playing song. The player will gain points if he/ she hit the ball according to the beat, but will not gain any if he/ she missed it or tap it and not in line with the rhythm.

Moreover, Tap Tap Revenge was developed by Tapulous in the midst of 2008, specifically designed for iOS gadgets. Tap Tap Revenge was also called Tap Tap Revolution and it has been a namesake before manufacturers release of iPhone SDK.

Tap files are the primary files of the game. Without it, there is no ball will pass through the line and therefore there will be nothing to tap. Tap files also contain arrays of instruction that the balls are generated depending on the song or its beats.

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