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SAP VEViewer

What is SAP VEViewer?

SAP VEViewer, formerly known as Deep Viewer, is a free visualization viewer for Windows. It is a free standalone 2D and 3D graphics application for viewing. It enables members of an organization to visualize, collaborate, and communicate product data in a dynamic way. This software can also embed a certain product data directly into the document formats like Microsoft™ Word™, Excel™, and PowerPoint™. Users can also publish the product data into Adobe PDF.

Every member of an organization can be able to freely collaborate, mark-up, view, and publish through the software applications.

Aside from viewing, SAP VE Viewer also enables users to utilize, publish, and share 2D and 3D visual information. Moreover, in its visual enterprise viewer, users can import from a long list of standard formats while other visual contents can be transferred, stored, and produced in several other formats.

In addition to the applications, SAP VEViewer also contains a Visual Enterprise navigator which helps users create large 3D models which can be integrated with other applications.

Finally, the Visual Enterprise Generator application provides users an automation engine which transforms a massive engineering design into smaller visualizations of data.

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