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What is Metrowerks CodeWarrior?

The Metrowerks CodeWarrior was a platform for software developers creating applications. It had releases for a number of operating systems, including Windows and Linux, but arguably the most notable version was that released for users of Mac systems, specifically Mac systems using the PowerPC architecture. This version was especially successful because it outclassed most of its competitors, particularly when it came to compiler capabilities: even the Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop, for instance, fell behind the CodeWarrior release when it came to completion of code compilation.

The product changed when it came under another company due to an acquisition: instead of serving as a development tool for users of desktop systems, the new focus of the product’s developers led to it becoming more of a tool for developing applications on embedded systems instead. The rise of stiffer competition, especially for Mac systems, was contributive to this development, and the program became progressively less of a leader in the IDE market for Mac users. Eventually, it was decided that the product would be discontinued. However, copies of it are still available on the Web and used by retrocomputers.

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