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What is HoneyView3?

HoneyView3 is an image/-viewing application developed by Bandisoft. It provides a user-friendly interface and a highly customizable skin. HoneyView3 can be set as the default image viewer and a set of shell context menu can be added. HoneyView3 supports diverse file formats which include GIF, JPG, BMP, JP2, PNG, 2K2, WDP, HDP, HV3, CBZ, CBR, and DNG.

With HoneyView3, users are allowed to view images in a beautiful slide show presentation, customize the way the slides are shifting, modify the changing time from 1 to 90 seconds, and set either repeat or shuffle playback. Images can be viewed with applied filters, additional effects, modified interpolation scheme, or zoomed (in or out). In addition, some other options associated with the HoneyView3 can be fully customized such as the keyboard and mouse input, the file associations, the background color, and a lot more.

Other HoneyView3 features includes archived image files support, fast loading of JPEG images, quick image processing, Unicode support, auto rotate image support, and is compatible with 64bit OS(x64).

Download directly from the developerDownload HoneyView3 (external link)

File types supported by HoneyView3

Our users primarily use HoneyView3 to open these file types:

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