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What is Cadwork?

Cadwork is a software primarily used for 3D CAD as well as for CAM. The software is also intended to be used for timber construction and its entire field. There are specialized modules integrated within the software that target to provide solutions for the different stages of timber designing and manufacturing. The modules cover the steps from conceptualizing up to manufacturing. This software is designed and released by the company Cadwork Informatik CI.

Cadwork makes use of a flexible interface that lets users of different experience levels to navigate the functionality and tools easily. Most users of the software also based in Canada, Russia, and the United States. The software is equipped with technology that lets users to modify the drawings or plans without having to it page per page. Any modification made on one plan or document will automatically be reflected on other pages. The documents prepared using the software can also be accessed and viewed using other similar platforms such as AutoCAD.

Cadwork also permits users to share the generated document through file-sharing or through any e-mailing platforms. This is also compatible with Windows-based systems of 2000 version and above.

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