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cadwork Start Application

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What is cadwork Start Application?

cadwork Start Application is a software used for computer-aided designs. It was originally released to be used by the watch industry especially when it was acquired by a Swiss company. However, the use has now evolved and is applied to several domains such as for Civil Engineering, Architecture, Topography, Road Planning, Reinforced Concrete, Carpentry and Timber Design.

The suit can be applied to be using for designing as well as for manufacturing. Using cadwork lets you encounter different extension files like .2d, .2dc (for 2 dimensions drawing), 3d, .3dc (3 dimensions design), 2dv (parametric elements), and .2dr (road projects). The files with these extensions can only be exclusively be used with cadwork-related software. Printing the files prepared by this program and modifications may require you to try different formats.

The original version of this program was compiled through workstations between the years 1982 and 1986. In the year 2006, cadwork Start Application became available in different languages namely English, Polish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Czech, Finnish Romanian, and Spanish. Among the recent enhancement was seen in 2007 when the software was made compatible with OpenDWG converter.

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Last updated: : June 28, 2013