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Adobe InDesign

What is Adobe InDesign?

The Adobe InDesign (abbreviated as ID) is a proprietary software from Adobe which is geared for the desktop publishing industry; the formatting engine used in InDesign is also used by other similar applications by Adobe in this line, such as Adobe’s InCopy (a word processor). InDesign is the successor of Adobe’s venerable PageMaker software, which is still widely used elsewhere, and is the first Adobe application to be launched as a Mac OS X-native desktop publishing program (DTP) in 2002. InDesign has several editions and one specialized version, the InDesign Server, which is essentially the same software but featuring developer tools to optimize it for a client-server network with the Adobe InDesign plugin. The Adobe InDesign is available in several languages, with bi-directional text or word flow support (such as for East Asian or Arabic languages).

InDesign is able to create powerful and eye-catching posters, brochures, and flyers, and extends its realm into the creation of newspapers, magazines, books, and other such similar publications and print media. It also supports the creation of such print material that are compatible with tablets via its Adobe Digital Publishing suite, plus it can export EPUB and SWF files that can be fit for viewing on various devices.

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File types supported by Adobe InDesign

Our users primarily use Adobe InDesign to open these file types:

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