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What is Rhinoceros?

Rhinoceros is a 3D modeling software that is based on commercial NURB. It is developed and released by company- Robert McNeel & Associates and functions as a stand-alone platform.

The software is used in several domains such as automotive designs, industrial designs, marine designs, and jewelry designs. This software can likewise be used in the fields of construction and architecture as it is utilized as CAD software. Multi-media enhancements and graphic designs in general can also be executed using this software. The generation of prototype in different industries is also possible using the software.

Rhinoceros is also built using a Visual Basic (VB) Language and scripting language that allows users to open and view Rhino files directly. This is also possible within the use of another language called SDK. As it is equipped with a plug-in called Grasshopper, the software has started to gain popularity in the files of architecture and engineering. This particular plug-in is particularly used for performing computational designs. The software has also integrated parametric modeling capabilities which architects and engineers can use. Projects and files built using the software can be imported or exported using 30 different formats.

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