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What is 3ds Max?

3ds Max, previously known as 3D Studio Max, is software from Autodesk Media and Entertainment, the entertainment arm of Autodesk, Inc. The software provides a 3D computer graphics program, which enables the user to create 3D models and animation.

The software may be offered as part of a graphics design suite that also includes 3ds Max Design, or it may also be purchased as a standalone product. Users are provided with 3D modeling tools that enable them to create parametric-based and organic models. The user is also provided with over one hundred advanced tools that can be utilized to create polygonal objects. The Graphite toolset provides the user with a variety of tools for creating freeform, 3-dimensional objects.

Other features of the software include ProOptimizer, which is a tool for manipulating a model’s face; Viewpoint Canvass, which includes a set of tools for multi-layer painting; texture mapping through the Render to Texture utility; as well as various tools for applying shade and textures on the models. Animation tools meanwhile are provided through the Character Animation Toolkit feature of the software.

The software can be tested by the user through a 30-day free trial. A 90-day trial version may also be purchased, where the user will be provided with a license key to activate all the features of the software.

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File types supported by 3ds Max

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