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netfabb Studio Basic

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What is netfabb Studio Basic?

netfabb Studio Basic or netfabb Basic is a viewer for use in additive manufacturing projects. Additive manufacturing refers to 3D printing, or the process of forming 3D objects based on digital designs. Hence, for instance, a user can open a file with a 3D design for a simple sphere, and then produces an actual, tangible sphere corresponding to that precise design’s specification by sending the file to a machine called a 3D printer.

The netfabb Basic software facilitates that production process in several ways. First, it allows users to view their 3D designs. Second, it allows them to analyze parts of the design as well as make standard primitives (such as spheres, cubes, etc.). It can convert figures across different units of measurement, copy images, perform scaling and translations, rotate objects, and more. It is capable of providing users with different views of a 3D image as well, from slices to transparent views. It also includes a browsing tool that lets users preview 3D images while going through files.

The main file format associated with the software is STL. The program’s RAM consumption is dependent chiefly on the size of the file being viewed.

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Last updated: : July 13, 2014