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Autodesk Meshmixer

If you are looking for Autodesk Meshmixer, you have come to the right place. We explain what Autodesk Meshmixer is and point you to the official download.

What is Autodesk Meshmixer?

Meshmixer is a tool that is used for making 3D stuff without having to deal with too much hassle. It was released in October 2012. Meshmixer is a tool that is used for creating 3D mashups and remixes. Users will be able to sculpt, stamp, mash, mix, or paint their very own 3D designs. They can also work with various models found inside the gallery. This program also includes direct 3D print support.

Users can design their own works by mixing two or more models with just a few simple steps. It is similar to cutting and pasting. They can make their own overlay textures by using different patterns and simple grid options. They can also mold and refine surfaces in real time, similar to virtual clay. Printing 3D models is easy with the Meshmixer’s newest version. Users can start from any 2D or 3D software. They can make 3D models in the gallery, or any type of major 3D model file format. Users can also preview, refine, and prepare their models so they can print them with confidence.

Download Autodesk Meshmixer from the developer

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Download Autodesk Meshmixer (external link)


File types supported by Autodesk Meshmixer

Our users primarily use Autodesk Meshmixer to open these file types:

About file types supported by Autodesk Meshmixer

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Last updated: : December 7, 2022