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What is RetroPlatform?

Cloanto’s RetroPlatform has been the technology powering its Amiga Forever software, among others. RetroPlatform is an emulator for multiple platforms in itself, from Amiga to 8-bit CBMs. It allows users to perform retrocomputing, working with “past platforms” and the software that went with them on even the most modern systems. To that end, a great deal of what RetroPlatform does is essentially archival: the program’s technology is designed to ensure that certain systems and their applications never fully become inaccessible. As such, users of the program range from casual retrocomputing fans to museums. The software is also often touted as a quick way for those interested (but not too heavily immersed yet) in retrocomputing to experience it and older systems.

The RetroPlatform software has been associated most notably with retrogamers. The program is capable of supporting potentially thousands of older games, after all, which makes it an easy way for retrogaming enthusiasts to play games from systems such as the C64 on modern computers. The program has its own hardware emulation engines to complete retroplatform emulation as well as various plug-ins. It is said to be among the important programs to have for those interested in digital culture preservation.

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