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Liquid XML Studio

What is Liquid XML Studio?

Liquid XML Studio is a program that provides a working environment and essential editing functions for XML developers. Users have their choice of either visual editors or text editors. The program also comes with the Liquid Data Mapper, a cross-document mapping utility that fills in mapping code automatically for the user, requiring him to perform only simple drag and drop mapping for his end of the process. It has tools for XSLT processing, a text editor capable of processing even huge files, syntax highlighting features, an XML sample generator for testers, auto-completion, an XML document formatting option, and a schema validation function. A reverse engineering tool also allows users to infer schemas from existing XML files.

The program comes with a number of editors: an XML Schema Editor, an XML Editor, a WSDL Editor, and a Debugger (for XSLT and XQuery) capable of transforming XML into finished HTML or comparable format. It runs only one Windows computers, although what the user produces with it is cross-platform. It is also provided in several packages, with the full developer’s package being the most expensive of the lot.

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File types supported by Liquid XML Studio

Our users primarily use Liquid XML Studio to open these file types:

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