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What is FalconView?

FalconView is a mapping program developed by Georgia Tech Research Institute, a non-profit research facility of Georgia Institute of Technology, primarily for the US Department of Defense. An open-source, free edition however, was eventually released for public use.

The program supports a wide range of base maps including Open Street Maps and Digital Terrain Elevation Data. It also provides the user with aeronautical maps that present the user with vital information for accurate navigation of aircrafts. Satellite images are likewise included as one of the features of the program.

A drawing utility provided by the software enables the user to draw shapes on an overlay for geo-referencing purposes. Modified overlays can be saved for future use. There is also an analysis tool for calculating distances between points. The user can also extend the functionalities of the program through the creation of customized map overlays through the COM or .NET framework. The program also provides support for KML, ShapeFile and WMS files.

FalconView is enabled to run on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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File types supported by FalconView

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