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What is Mill?

Mill, a Mastercam-published and released software, is a comprehensive program that is used for computer-aided machining or CAM. CNC programmers make use of this software extensively as it is equipped with tool paths, commands, and techniques that let the user achieve quality milling and machining in general.
Mill optimizes toolpaths uses for general and specific methods such as turbine cutting. This CAM software works well with the CAD software produced by Mastercam. With the use of these two programming tools designing and machining can be done with ease.

The CAM software Mill also lets the user to create and modify certain commands with convenience and without the fear of losing the pre-set programs. It is also equipped with traditional functions but they can also be consolidated depending on the machining needs of the user. Consolidating is achieved by mere clicks on the tools found in the software.

It features AutoCurser to help the user pinpoint the necessary construction points. It also lets the user to utilize an automated line calculation. With Mill, you can also control the system from a remote site so as to streamline the machining needs of your company at any time.

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File types supported by Mill

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