Opening CIF files

Did your computer fail to open a CIF file? We explain what CIF files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your CIF files.

What is a CIF file?

Caltech Intermediate Form file extension or .cif file is a text file format that is used to render descriptive instructions for integrated circuits or most commonly known as a chip. The chip is so miniscule that applying any creation or alteration using unaided human capacity is a hard task. CIF addresses this problem, and it is now widely used for describing a chip. CIF serves as a 'microscope' that helps users see through the chip.

CIF is generated to provide integration of various research tools into a common database structure. CIF also provides a limited set of graphic primitives that are very useful for describing the 2D shapes on the different layers of a chip. It also allows hierarchical description and that makes the representation brief, but comprehensive. In addition, it is a direct- to- the- point human-readable text format, so use of .If files are easier and more efficient for reconstruction and deconstruction of integrated circuits.

Try a universal file viewer

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