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What is RasWin?

RasWin is the Windows version of the software RasMol. RasMol is a molecular graphics program developed to run on Unix, X-Windows, VAX, and VMS systems. The software was originally authored by Roger A. Sayle, while subsequent developments were undertaken by Herbert J. Bernstein. This is an open-source free program, which means that other developers are open to contribute their own source codes for the improvement of the software.

The software is generally utilized in the field of structural biology or molecular biology, as well as in the field of education. RasWin allows for the analysis of macromolecular structures, proteins and nucleic acids; where the user is provided with a color-coded visual representation of the molecules.

Launching RasWin will open 2 windows: one for viewing the molecules, which is called the Viewing window; and one for inputting selected commands to display the molecules in a way that is required by the user. The second window is the command-line window. The user may utilize both windows concurrently, or may use the viewing window only.

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