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DT Max

If you are looking for DT Max, you have come to the right place. We explain what DT Max is and point you to the official download.

What is DT Max?

DT Max is a suite of tax software from Canadian-based company, Logiciel Dr. Tax Software, Inc. The software is designed in compliance with Canadian tax laws. There are three versions of the software: DT Max T1, DT Max T2 and DT Max T3.

DT Max T1 is for personal use, T2 is for corporate use and DT Max T3 is for trust returns. Any one of these versions are generally used by Canadian tax professionals, whether they are part of a company or are working as freelance tax accountants.

The software provides a tool for client lists, one for data encoding, and one for the summary of the tax calculations, for tax returns.

For each specific software, there is a corresponding tax calculator. For instance, with DT Max T1 and DT Max T2, tax calculations are provided for the following: installments and overpayments and claims for ITC refund if possible.

Additional calculation options for DT Max T1 are: processing of March installments and overpayments, select EI earnings default, automatic calculation of old age security pension and automatic currency conversion from USD to Canadian dollar.

DT Max T2 meanwhile, has the added feature of calculations for optimization of tax provisions.

Download DT Max from the developer

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File types supported by DT Max

About file types supported by DT Max

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Last updated: : February 20, 2013