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What is CONVAL?

CONVAL is a PC software best suited for operators, planners, and engineers who specialize in industrial plants. This program can integrate broad calculation functionalities used for processes and components in the industrial system. They do this by basing it after tried-and-tested methods such as VDI, EN/ISO, ISA, VDMA, and DIN. CONVAL ensures professional and flexible working by evading every form of dependence when it comes to equipment manufacturers. The variety of available calculations extends from throttle elements and control valves through heat exchangers to piping systems. This includes integrated property calculations, which were based after a property database, as well as complex databases for safety valves, materials, control valves, as standard.

CONVAL comes in three separate editions. The difference lies only on the functional scope of the integrated calculation modules. An optional thermodynamic module is present for all three editions. An interface which permits data to be traded with other programs is currently a strict requirement for CONVAL’s software packages. The entire functionality of CONVAL is also made available to other apps, through a Component Object Model interface. This is a standard developed by Microsoft for their Windows operating system.

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File types supported by CONVAL

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About file types supported by CONVAL

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Last updated: : August 27, 2014