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What is CIMCO Edit?

CIMCO Edit is a text editor for CNC programming. It has gone through several iterations since its first appearance and is widely known among CNC programmers. One of its traditional strengths has been its scalability programming-wise, although the upper limits of its CNC program handling are determined more by the user’s RAM than by any inherent restrictions within the software itself. Newer versions also have a code assistant capable of identifying code and helping users make changes to it.

CIMCO Edit also provides robust functionality for those using it to plot multi-axis mill or lathe CNC programs. It can simulate a number of popular contouring/CNC controls, such as those from Hiedenhain and Fanuc. The program will instantly number or renumber lines as needed, offers users the ability to make use of particular configurations associated with certain file types, can perform digital as well as a printed file comparison, and also gives the user the opportunity to work with all the basic math functions. Users will also find that the editor is compatible with drag-and-drop actions. Moreover, users can add their own macros to the utility, at least from version 5 onwards.

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