How to open SIG files

Did your computer fail to open a SIG file? We explain what SIG files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your files.

What is a SIG file?

Files that contain the .sig file extension are small text files that contain an email "signature" that has been created by an email user. These files can be automatically attached at the end of a user's email messages, allowing them to send emails without having to retype the signature information each time the email is sent.

SIG files are often used for business emails and normally contain the name of the user, their email address, the name of the company they work for, their title and their contact information. In some instances people will use SIG files for personal emails, including their name, email address and a personal statement at the bottom of each email.

Many email programs allow a user to create multiple SIG files. The user can then choose which sig file to use when sending an email, or they may choose not to attach any signature at all.

SIG file openers, viewers, etc.

These apps are known to open certain types of SIG files. Remember, different programs may use SIG files for different purposes, so you may need to try out a few of them to be able to open your specific file.

WinRARWinRARUser submitted
Free File ViewerFree File ViewerUser submitted
The Print ShopThe Print ShopUser submitted
PrintMasterPrintMasterUser submitted
PGP DesktopPGP DesktopUser submitted
PrintMaster GoldPrintMaster GoldUser submitted
Symantec Encryption DesktopSymantec Encryption DesktopUser submitted
PGPPGPUser submitted
ScrapbooksScrapbooksUser submitted
PrintMaster PlatinumPrintMaster PlatinumUser submitted
We have not verified any programs that we know for certain can work with SIG-files on Mac. If you know one, please use the Suggest link below and tell us about it!
We have not verified any online services that we know for certain can work with SIG-files. If you know one, please use the Suggest link below and tell us about it!