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What is PGP?

Created by Phil Zimmermann back in 1991, the Pretty Good Privacy or PGP is a computer program that is mainly used for encryption and decryption of data. This program lets users benefit from authentication and cryptographic privacy verification on any form of data communication.

The PGP software is utilized for encrypting and decrypting e-mails, directories, SMS, and partitions to provide further security of the communication. This product conforms to the standard of OpenPGP.
The execution of PGP encryption makes use of data compression, hashing, public-key cryptography as well as symmetric-key cryptography. Algorithms are used in all these functionalities. Each key comes with an e-mail address or an assigned user name.

The initial version of the PGP software made use of a web of trust so control the manipulation of the x.509 system. The latter version of the software was enhanced using an embedded certificate authority. Confidentiality is also one of the key elements of PGP. A session key is used to protect all data transferred within a communication infrastructure. Message authentication and the verification of integrity can also be executed by PGP using digital signatures.

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File types supported by PGP

Our users primarily use PGP to open these file types:

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