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Unipro UGENE

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What is Unipro UGENE?

UGENE falls in the category of bioinformatics programs and was developed to support operations related to research in the stated field. For instance, it supports operations for computer-simulated cloning, BLAST research and other comparative research methods for analysis of biological sequence information, and dotplot construction. The software is also capable of accessing essential Web-based databases like NCBI, PDB, SWISS-PROT, ENSEMBLE, and more, giving users the ability to search those resources for critical information whenever needed.

Data presentation/visualization is possible through such functionalities as phylogenetic tree creation and nucleic acid and protein sequence building (which also includes editorial and note-making options). Support is included for anaglyph viewing. The tool’s data analysis functions are capable of identifying patterns, specific searches on the basis of algorithms, evaluation of DNA sequence structure and composition, and more.

UGENE is actually free to use, but the developers have published a protocol for its citation in scientific publications or records. The software was also developed to be compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Solaris, Mac, and Linux. While users can use it to create personalized workflows, certain levels of customization require payment to the developers, such as the generation of a custom extension for the program or programmed automation of certain operations.

Download Unipro UGENE from the developer

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Last updated: : March 22, 2022