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PCSX2 - Playstation Emulator

If you are looking for PCSX2 - Playstation Emulator, you have come to the right place. We explain what PCSX2 - Playstation Emulator is and point you to the official download.

What is PCSX2 - Playstation Emulator?

The PCSX2 - Playstation Emulator is a program that allows users to play PS2 games on Windows and Linux operating systems—that emulation is specific, i.e. users cannot play PS1 or PS3 games with it. The games are accessible as either CDs or as ISO copies of the discs, of course, which are data files that contain the data necessary to run the original PS2 game. It does not come with its own BIOS, though, so users need to download or transfer the PS2 BIOS first from their game consoles. It also requires users to have GSdX to use it.

PCSX2 will run on computers with 4-core CPUs, although it will not be capable of using all 4 cores—the most it can leverage would be 3 cores. Users are provided with options for setting framerate limits: the average game speeds for NTSC games are at 60fps and PAL games run at about 50fps. The emulator requires at least 512MB of RAM, although the developer actually recommends at least 1G and double that figure if the user is running either Windows 7 or Windows Vista).

Download PCSX2 - Playstation Emulator from the developer

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Download PCSX2 - Playstation Emulator (external link)


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Last updated: : September 19, 2014