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Mozilla Thunderbird

What is Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the two main and most visible projects of the Mozilla Foundation, one of which is the Mozilla Firefox web browser (currently the second most widely-used browser around the world). The Mozilla Thunderbird application is free and open-source, a news and e-mail desktop client that can be likened to Microsoft’s Outlook Express. Thunderbird was first released in 2004 and received over half a million downloads in 72 hours, and the same number more within ten days of its initial release, making it one of the most popular open-source software in history ever rolled out.

The Mozilla Thunderbird is often likened to Microsoft Outlook, but is more similar to Outlook Express, which is essentially a stripped-down version of Outlook with e-mail and news client capabilities only; the Thunderbird is just this, but with the free Mozilla Lightning plugin can be transformed into a full-featured personal information manager (PIM) just like Microsoft Outlook. The Mozilla Thunderbird can handle multiple accounts as well for e-mail, newsgroup and news feeds, and supports multiple identities within the same account, supports customization by the use of themes and plugins called extensions, and can filter junk email based from an address book whitelist.

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